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Sand Gap

Light House Restaurant

A good place to eat near Sand Gap.

Fill-ups General Store

A general store with cooked food for sale.


An Ice Cream shop with other foods to boot (more to come!)


Corner Quick Stop

A good store that serves excellent chicken and potato wedges. Just look for the Techron sign out front.


D And S Diner

(Info to come soon!)

Marlene's Place

Good restaurant with great food. located near Houses Market.



Old fashioned food with a great home-made taste.

Dairy Freeze

Serving good Hamburgers and Chicken Sandwhiches is what they do!

Deer Biew Mart

Store with more food to boot! (More to come later!)

Dairy Queen

Part of the world famous Dairy Queen restaurant chain.

Gray Hawk

Gray Hawk Landing

Serving great food for several years and more to come!


Green Roof Cafe

(More to come soon!)

D&D Restaraurant

Phone: 1-(606)-364-7200

(More to come soon!)